Soap Studio...Farmers Market & LOTS of Band-aids!!

Well after what feels like months and months of waiting for our new stainless steel tables to arrive, they are finally here and the soap studio is just about complete. This week has been full of good news, surprises, and lots of band-aids. We signed a deal with a local boutique in Austin to feature our products and we couldn't be more excited. We were also accepted into two local farmers markets and can't wait to get set up tomorrow morning. We have been busy scrambling trying to get our new line of spring scents labeled, our hand salve bars poured and in the midst of that attempting to keep my sanity and stay focused.


Here are the new tables, and I have to say the extra counter space makes it so easy to prepare batches, label soap and pack up shipments. This week I attempted making homemade liquid soap and I can describe my experience in one word... "DISASTER!!!" I tried three times and finally gave up. After 3 band-aids (the soap grater is NOT my friend) and 12 ounces of bar soap wasted I called it quits. Every batch came out looking like some sort of alien sludge. It smelled amazing, but who wants to use slime to wash their hands?!? Not this girl! On a high note our foaming hand soap recipe is pretty near perfect and we will be featuring them on the website in the next few days. So stay tuned for new products!!


  • Kate Horgan

    Found these soaps, candles, lotion sticks at Greenhouse Craft Foods in Round Rock. My first soap was brown sugar oatmeal goat milk. It makes my bathroom smell wonderful and makes my hands so soft! I’ve been recommending Benjamin Soap Co. to all my friends.

  • Michele

    I discovered Benjamin Soap Co. at Monument Market and I was instantly hooked! All of the products are so high quality and smell AMAZING. I am super addicted to the lip balm and the lotion bars. I can’t wait to try the deodorant. Thank you so much for making such an incredible product! I tell everyone they need to go get some Benjamin Soap Co. products!

  • Kim Whitlock

    Both my 9 & 13 year old daughters & I are big fans of The Benjamin Soap Company!! The products feel fabulous from the soaps to the lotions and the lip balm is silky smooth! My niece with eczema was especially excited when her skin felt and looked better after trying the soap made with goat milk!! Can’t wait to feel what’s next!!! LOVE button!!

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