Officially OPEN for business!!

Well after months of testing recipes and making batches of samples I am thrilled to announce that we are finally open for business. For years I have searched for household products that didn’t have additives, dyes, and artificial ingredients in them. It’s impossible to find them without breaking the bank. As a mother of two, and an avid coupon clipper I decided to start testing my own recipes. The idea came to me one day when I was cleaning and desperately trying to achieve that “clean smell” in my kids bathroom. I then realized if I made my own products and used the same common ingredients the house would smell so much better than bleach+fabuloso+febreeze. (Which by the way is an odd combination of stinky clean lavender.) Long story short I started my research, tried my recipes until I was happy with a product that not only I wanted to use but others could afford at a reasonable cost. Common+Scents is my first line of hand poured candles that is made from the highest quality all natural ingredients. My handmade soaps + lip balms are also made of the best ingredients and are free of additives+ dyes+ parabens+ artificial ingredients.  They smell so good you will want to eat them! (but please don’t)




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